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Illustration of real-time rail departure notices for seaside resorts

At Interglossa we have been providing systems to manage transport information for over 10 years. Our systems handle bus and rail information, bringing timetables and real-time data into our UTMC-interfaced public transport database PTDB. Using UTMC as a basis makes it possible to integrate highway and traffic information and public transport information easily.

To disseminate information over the web we provide the HBS product which allows you easily to design live UTMC data into your web pages and serve them efficiently.

And because we know that different travellers will favour different channels we provide the CallYourStop voice response information for bus and rail real-time information together with car park status and other transport news.

For local authorities and local operators web sites and voice response service offer opportunities to express a local identity and build local loyalty. We know that the best sites will want to express those particularities that local travellers will recognise without confusing visitors, and our products are designed to make that customisation a simple task. 17 bus at Reading's Cemetery Junction
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